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September 2013 - Newsletter

posted Nov 16, 2013, 3:16 AM by Shyam Kishore   [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 3:32 AM ]
It is a great pleasure to note that all the members of our Association is expressing immense interest in the activities by the way of contribution and participation. As such, the Association is able to embark on many programmes. It is felt that these programmes shall be made known to all so as to increase the participation and networking among all our esteemed members. It is exactly six months since we brought out a record of our activities and information in the form of a Souvenir on Vijayanama Ugadi Day by naming it as “Telugu Vani”. Due to the increasing activities, members have been asking to bring out periodical Newsletter to keep on record the activities before they become outdated. Modalities have been worked out and decision has been taken in the last Executive Committee Meeting, so as to bring out the same on the auspicious festival Vijayadasami. Hence, this Newsletter.

The Editorial Board is indebted to all those who enthusiastically responded and the title is fixed as “జైపూర్ తెలుగు పత్రిక“. The Board hopes this will be received by the members favourably. Editorial Board also requested all the Association members to give their suggestions for improvement. Members can send information to the Association at our email address, so that appropriate material can be incorporated in subsequent issues.

September issue can be downloaded from here.