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October 2013 - Newsletter

posted Nov 16, 2013, 3:19 AM by Shyam Kishore   [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 3:34 AM ]
It  gives  us  immense  pleasure  to  see  the  encouragement,  appreciations  that  we have  received  from  our  members, well  wishers  not  only  of  Jaipur  but  even  our members who left Jaipur and are in different parts of the country.  Our mail box is flooded with words of appreciations and good wishes.  We are happy to inform you that this News Letter has reached 463 inbox for which e mail Ids are available with us.  During this 15 days there are as many as 215 visits to our website to read the newsletter.  People are coming forward with the request for advertisement and to pass on other information like To-let services, situation vacant etc. through the columns of our News Letter. It is a great new indeed! 

This month onwards we wish to publish a column “Our child Prodigy” with the brief information about our talented children. In this issue we are glad to introduce Chy. Sriya, Daughter of our E.C. Committee Member Dr. B. Rama Rao of Rao IIT Academy, Kota.  We shall be too happy if you please let us know if your wards have any special talents, achievement for publication in our subsequent issues.

We wish all our members a very HAPPY DIWALI and look forward to receive your comments and feedback on our News Letter as well as your response to our Picnic Programme on 24th November 2013 immediately for effective planning as the time is very short.

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