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Sankranti ‘2015 Muggula Poti

Sankranti, a festival of harvest, considered as harbinger of prosperity and welfare, is celebrated across India in varied hues and colours, showcasing our rich cultural heritage. The festival takes a prime position in the hearts of Telugu people with great show of pomp and gaiety , spanning over three days like Bhogi , Makara Sankranti and Kanuma in that order while Makara Sanranti holds its prime significance . The day of Sankranti is embellished with various celebrations like Bull Race, Cock fights and drawing Rangoli ( Muggulu ) by women folk decorating the frontispiece of their homes with colours in free hand drawing , depicting various art forms , decorating Mother earth as a reverence .

Our Association at Jaipur has always been at the forefront to bring out the creative talent of Lady members on this auspicious occasion and as it has been during the years bygone , we conducted “ Sankaranti’2015 Muggula Poti “ on 18th Janaury’2015 at Udai Apartments . As has been expected, enthusiastic lady members have congregated at the venue with their spouses and children with an armoury of colours in abundance.

Sun God was benign to bless the occasion as winds of chilling winter tried to lampoon the afternoon with all might but The Almighty prevailed over to see the event passed out successfully. The stop clock was set to keep the contestants apace to pour down their creativity on the floor - the largest canvas provided by Nature. Swift movements of skillful hands wheeling the floor space with colours to draw twines ,flowers , circles , diamonds , cubes and pictures of birds taking shapes , revealing the reverence we have towards the Mother Earth as children started reveling with joy while spouses and parents of the participants were looking with bated breath.

As the Clock chimed closing time, the floor is full of Muggulu drawn, a visual treat that shall be only cherished in person but no words to describe their elegance.

A Panel of Judges panned out the list of Top three contestants as winners. Prizes were distributed to the Winners and gifts were shared with other participants. Hot piping cups of Tea with sweets and spicy snacks concluded the scintillating event.