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Picnic Program 2013

It is another important day in the annals of Andhra Association, Jaipur which is of four decades old. The day is 24th Noember 2013 (Sunday), Jaipur met in the Picnic (Kartika Vana Bhojanam).  This event is planned a month earlier and invitation is sent to all members. Elaborate arrangements have been made by our young volunteers. This is fifth consecutive year since we started calling caterers from A.P.for preparing food for our picnic and as in the past the venue is ‘Jhalana Park’ situated in the heart of Jaipur. 

Members started trickling in from 8.00 am onwards. Special arrangements are made for breakfast, lunch, and tea by  the cooks from Hyderabad. It is a joyous occasion for all the participants meeting the acquaintances and exchanging pleasantries. As usual lot of networking has happened and new friendships are established. New members introduced themselves. Programmes like singing, dancing, housie, musical chairs were conducted. Special games are conducted for children. More than  300 people are participated as expected. The group is a mix of children to the old encompassing students, teachers, doctors, and people working in construction and other industries. In all it is a successful event conducted with all pomp and gaiety. Many of them remained even after sunset. Such is the enthusiasm. Everyone left with the anticipation of meeting soon.